So I applied for a job as a librarian at my local library - a dream job that I have coveted for so long.  I rushed my application form, eagerly, desperately sending it off on the same day that I found the vacancy even though I had three days to complete it.  Now, I’ve read through my saved copy and it’s awful.  Really, really bad. I brag too much about my Masters degree, I don’t relate my skills to the job, it’s obvious parts are copied and pasted on, IT’S TERRIBLE :(  MY DREAM JOB AND I SCREWED IT UP ROYALLY BY NOT TAKING MY TIME :(((((((((((((  I FEEL SO SO BAD ABOUT THIS.  I WANT TO FORGET ABOUT DOING APPLICATIONS BUT I CAN’T.  I have to keep plodding on because of course, I need a job as I’m no longer in my student bubble. :’(


interviewer: describe yourself in 4 words
me: automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky-fresh
interviewer: hired

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صبر تلخ است و ليكن بهره شيرين دارد

Patience is bitter but its result is sweet